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  • Headwalls

    Used by leading contractors and authorities Permashutter polymer headwalls are a field proven method to rapidly install headwalls saving both
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  • Polybase cabinet plinths

    Polybase is a concrete free foundation solution which enables rapid installation of telecom street cabinets. Manufactured from recycled HDPE polymer,
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    If you require a permanent formwork solution. Call us, we can help. Permashutter design and manufacture permanent formwork. We also
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  • Polylid Cabinet Templates

    A range of recycled plastic mouldings for use on top of street cabinet foundations. Polylid enables fast installation of concrete
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Permashutter design, manufacture and supply innovative permanent formwork products to the construction industry.

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Across a range of SUDS, sustainable urban drainage, headwall construction, gabions and telecoms cabinet plinth systems, our customers range from Building, Civil Engineering, Telecoms and Utility companies to Local Authorities and the Environment Agency. All products supplied by Permashutter are designed to:-

green credentials

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Raise Quality
  • Reduce carbon emissions


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Polymer Headwalls - the alternative to precast concrete headwalls or cast in situ.

precast headwall alternatives Permashutter polymer headwall mould

Tough polymer plastic headwall moulds filled on-site with concrete, complete with ancillaries.

  • Reduces construction time to hours
  • Increases the quality of the finished outfall

Renowned for low cost, speed and ease of installation, Permashutter headwalls are fast becoming the headwall installation method of choice across a wide variety of projects.

When used as an alternative to pre-cast concrete or cast in situ headwalls, Polymer headwalls can offer huge savings in installation time and costs in many situations.
Additionally the finished headwall will have higher quality attributes than the other methods by reducing many of the variable factors from the construction process.

What is a polymer headwall?

A polymer headwall is a rigid polymer shell which servers as an external permanent shuttering for the headwall installation. It is simply filled with the correct concrete mix to form the finished headwall in one easy visit. The lightweight unfilled polymer headwall can be easily manoeuvred on site for ease of positioning.

Live water couses do not affect the construction of the headwall because of the polymer shell, and thus the time and expense of coffer dams and pumps is completely removed.

Advantages over precast headwall units:
  • The headwall's light weight (unfilled) is also advantageous where heavy lifting capabilities would be required to locate a similar sized pre cast concrete unit.
  • The delivery of a heavy pre cast unit to remote areas of the construction site can require the construction of temporary road surfaces in order to provide access by vehicles capable of installation.
  • The Permashutter polymer headwall can be transported in the smallest of vehicles, and delivery of concrete to the unit can be achieved easily using any suitable means to hand such as an excavator bucket or dumper.

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