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Headwall Installation Warwick

“I found installing the Polymer headwalls to be quick and very easy compared to casting headwalls insitu or using PCC headwall units. A huge benefit was the Polymer headwalls are designed to receive flapvalves without any need for drilling into concrete, using expensive epoxy resins or making good around the pipes. The flapvalves provided by Permashutter were simple to install and should require less maintenance than some ductile iron varieties.”Mark Flynn (Barton Civils Project Manager)

Headwall Installation Case Study:

Product: 13no HW450C Polymer Headwalls and Permashutter HDPE flap valves to suit pipe diameters between 150mm and 450mm.

Project: Warwick University
Location: Warwick
Client: Stepnell
Contractor: Barton Civils
Engineer: Robert West
Date: May 2013
Project Description:
Warwick Business School. A storm water management system consisting of inter-joining balancing ponds.

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