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Floor slabs

Ecoform slab formation

Eco-Form is an insulated floor slab product that is ultra quick to install.

Designed as a modular system consisting of 1m sq interlocking rafts, made from heavy duty expanded polystyrene (light but strong), Eco-form is an environmentally responsible and cost effective alternative to BLOCK & BEAM systems.

The undersides of the rafts have egg-box style legs that create a void beneath the completed slab for services and ventilation.

The top has a unique lap & ledge system that forms a uniform insulation layer.

Ecoform slab installation video 


Benefits of slab formation using eco-form system:


  • Up to 10x faster and 30% cheaper than block and beam floors
  • No heavy lifting equipment required
  • Easily fitted by one unskilled worker
  • Approved by BRE and accepted by NHBC
  • U-value 0.19-0.10 surpassing 2016 building regulations
  • Up to 90% lower carbon footprint


Eco-Form Packaging and Delivery

A standard pack will cover 6m2 of floor, comprising:

6 x T21 Raft T22

4 x Edge Beam

2x T23 Infill slips

Dimensions of a standard pack
Base 1.140 x 1.140 Height 1.220

16.2kg. This makes it possible to Off Load by hand.


Carbon Footprint

Eco-Form                        3.4 kg/m2
Precast concrete             50kg/m2