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Polybase cabinet plinths

Polybase is a concrete free foundation solution which enables rapid installation of telecom street cabinets. Manufactured from recycled HDPE polymer, Polybase is designed to raise quality and simplify the installation process.

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  • FASTER At least 100% faster than current methods. Polybase accelerates the installation process by reducing the number of operations, materials and plant. Unproductive time is therefore minimised.
  • SAFER Less operations, hazardous materials and plant are necessary to install Polybase. Reducing the risks to personnel and the public.
  • GREENER Compared with current methods Polybase reduces the amount of fuel, transport, plant, labour and materials cutting the carbon footprint by 50%. Polybase is manufactured from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable with no requirement for concrete, cement mortar or resins. Packaging bags and tins do not need to be disposed of therefore reducing the amount of landfill. Because Polybase can be filled with the excavated stone material*, concrete does not need to be imported and less spoil needs to be disposed of. Each Polybase unit saves the use of 87KG of cement and 11 Ltrs of resins.
  • Cost savings Installation is easier and faster than current methods, requiring less labour, plant, materials, fuel, transport and spoil - Reducing the amount of landfill and saving an estimated £850 per installation.
  • Higher Quality Polybase is factory manufactured to ISO 9001 standards which reduces the amount of substandard work on site. Can be installed in cold temperatures Unlike concrete foundations Polybase installation is unaffected by temperatures below 5 degrees.

Polybase Features

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As part of the design process Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been utilized to ensure Polybase exceeds current specifications.

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