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Polybase Features

polybase cabinet plinth features


01Hollow design with lid, Polybase is filled with stone or sand for mass. Excavated material is usually suitable.

02Gasket seals, Neoprene gaskets are used to seal the cabinet base from water/gas ingress removing the requirement for toxic resins.

03Factory installed earth cable with additional earthing points, Earthing materials, tools and test meters are not required on site.

04Moulded Lifting Handles, Polybase is designed with handles and lifting strap points to facilitate easy handling.


  • Recycled material: Polybase is manufactured from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.
  • Lightweight: weighing less than 40KG, Polybase can be easily placed into position by two men.

No concrete or cement required, See above.

A Hiab truck/crane is not required.


PolyBase Installation Procedure

Once the ground has been excavated and the ducts have been installed, a Type 1 stone bed is then laid and Polybase is lowered into position over the ducts.

The lid is removed and Polybase is filled with the spoil arising from the excavation or sand/aggregate.

The lid is then replaced and the cabinet root is fixed into position with the nuts and washers (provided).

A temporary cabinet can then be installed, freeing up the HIAB lorry to exclusively lift the permanent cabinets into position.

Installation photos